She hides it so nicely

She smiles so nicely.
She looks flawless
You would never think she was in pain and ready to break down.
You would never know she’s ready to crack at any moment.
She replies everytime, I’m ok.
Waiting on that one person to see through the storm clouds…
Waiting on someone to say, no you aren’t. Just tell the truth.
She knows that day won’t come.
She knows those words won’t be spoke.
So she hides it all away, writes it down, puts it in a bottle and
casts it into the ocean, for it to swallow the pain, hoping that will help.
It hasn’t yet, but its the only hope she clings to.
People tell her that she should be happy, and she knows she should,
but its just so hard…to smile when she wants to crack…
to hide it behind a prefectly crafted facade…like the storm isn’t even there.
She’s asked again, and again she replies, I’m ok.
Nothing else is said, and she knows she must hide it once again.


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